The Center is actively introducing foreign educational resources into the system, and builds up a platform for colleges and vocational institutions home and aboard to promotes international exchange and cooperation. It works closely with educational partners in many countries, such as United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Germany, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, the Netherlands and other countries and regions. It organizes a range of programs, including teachers’ exchange, students’ exchange, credit recognition, co-operative courses, qualification certificates and investment services.
In order to promote the implementation of International Applied Science Curriculum Reform project, and further improve the quality of the project, the Chinese Society of Technical and Vocational Education (CSTVE) developed the curriculum and quality control standards matching with international systems. Which was inspired and learned from advanced European applied science curriculum quality standards, and then carried out research and discussion in depth on international applied science reform in different industries for approval. This is going to assist with promoting the international education reform and innovation in vocational colleges, and exploring new vocational education models with uniqueness and specialties, which will eventually meliorate the vocational colleges’ abilities to serve for the society.
Largely support by the CSTVE, this center is dedicated to integrating good education resources overseas and bringing in international investment fund, to promote the international cooperation programs from different aspects, such as program evaluation, program assessment and execution. In order to accelerate the international development of vocational education in China, enhance the vocational education overall quality and fulfill the goals eventually.
International Cooperation and Exchange Department (hereinafter referred to as "International Department"), is the Internal Bodice of the Chinese Society of Technical and Vocational Education. The Chinese Society of Technical and Vocational Education is a national academic institution which was founded in December 1990. It is under the leadership and administration of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Civil Affairs.
Based on the "National Plan for Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development (2010-2020)", International Department clearly defines its position and functions. It engages in threes types of programs: International Applied Science Curriculum Reform, the evaluation of international educational programs and financing of vocational education.

Three service centers of the International Department:
The mission of the International Department is to promote international exchanges and cooperation of vocational education in China, specializing in the import of high-quality educational resources overseas, and building up platform for Chinese and foreign vocational institutions and colleges. International Department adheres to the principle of "focus on the central task, serve for the overall interests, work with primary colleagues and serve for the front line". It organizes diverse international cooperation programs, such as teachers’ exchange, students’ exchange, credits recognition and investment services. Together with colleges and partners around the world, International Department is committed to promoting the internationalization of Chinese vocational education.


Resource Platform: International Department creates a comprehensive Education resource and development platform, it assists vocational colleges in China to conduct curriculum reform, thus to achieve professional development on curriculum design and talent pool construction.

Co-operative course: In order to meet the demand of vocational colleges, International Department introduces the advanced teaching philosophy and methodology from foreign countries. It provides guidance and roadmap for the teaching reform to the Chinese vocational colleges.

Credits recognition: International Department is responsible to assist the oversea cooperative institutions to recognize the credits of the strong majors of vocational colleges. Thus, it creates opportunities for capable students to study or work overseas.

Approval Support: In order to get educational programs approved by the government, International Department assists Chinese vocational colleges in preparing curriculum materials, cooperative agreements and other documentations needed.


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